2004: The year in political cartoons (Julie Weiss)
Calbur sus caricaturas y tintaylapiz.com
Calbur: transformando un objeto simple en interesante, ilustración
Cartoon rendering of smoke animations (Andrew Selle et al)
Clothing and folds tutorial - Basic folds
Comic style strokes [N.Design Studio]
ComiKit - programming with comic strips (Mikael Kindborg)
Composition of complex optimal multi-character motions (C. Karen Liu et al)
Computer generated copper plates (Wolfgang Leister)
Computer sketching (Paul Bourke)
Copiar no es malo, se aprende copiando (Calbur)
Create your own comics!. A guide to web resources
Creating Comics (Dave A. Law)
Curso: Técnicas de creación del humor
Drawing and caricature (Walt Stanchfield)
Drawing basics
Easy, cheap, animated cartoons in 10 minutes
Fast 3D cartoon rendering with improved quality by exploiting graphics hardware (Johan Claes et al)
Format wars. What cartoonists can learn from other media in the digital age (Dirk Deppey)
Fotocaricaturas utilizando Photoshop (Andrés Vidal Rivadeneira)
How to be a cartoonist (Chris Browne)
How to draw comics the Marvel way (Stan Lee y John Buscema)
Learn to draw manga [Crockmans Lair]
Learning a correlated model of identity and pose-dependent body shape variation for real-time synthesis (Brett Allen et al)
Lines and colors
Manual de OpenOffice draw G.U.G.L.E.R. [Grupo Universitario de GNU/Linux de Entre Rìos]
Merging and transformation of raster images for cartoon animation (Bruce A. Wallace)
Painting with texture (Lincoln Ritter et al)
Para pintar al óleo se comienza de lo básico (Calbur)
Pentel's crayons
Photoshop coloring tips (Julie Dillon)
Pintando transparencias al óleo (Calbur)
Pintando una alienigena (Calbur)
Pintando una amazonas (Calbur)
Pixels and paintbrushes (Gustavo "Garrincha" Rodríguez)
Reuse of clips in cartoon animation based on language instructions (Wei Bao-gang et al)
Schematic storyboarding for video visualization and editing (Dan B. Goldman et al)
Simultaneous cartoon and texture image inpainting using morphological component analysis (MCA) (M. Elad et al)
Skeletal systems of cartoon characters
Stylized depiction in computer graphics (Craig Reynolds)
Stylizing 2.5-D video (Noah Snavely et al)
The cartoon animation filter (Jue Wang et al)
The musical lang (Susan Griffith)
Toon Doctor
Técnicas de creación del humor - Curso
Why non-photorealistic rendering? (Steph Greenberg)

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