10 Editions of cartoon movie 1999 - 2008
A survey of facial modeling and animation techniques (Jun-yong Noh)
A user-based evaluation of skeletal animation techniques in graph interaction (Colin Murray)
Animación en Asia: Apropiación, reinterpretación y adopción o adaptación (John A. Lent)
Animation techniques
Animation techniques for visualizing coastal flow dynamics (Brian King et al)
Applying the 12 principles to 3D animation (Tito A. Belgrave)
Cartoon dioramas in motion (Ramesh Raskar et al)
Computer animation (Jessica K. Hodgins et al) Animation Techniques
Designing a Pac-Man with frame-by-frame and motion between animation [Tutorial]
Experimental animation techniques (Margery Brown)
Interactive skeleton techniques for enhancing motion dynamics in key frame animation (N. Burtnyk y M. Wein)
Java animation techniques (Pat Paternostro)
List of films based on Marvel Comics [Wikipedia]
Property animation techniques overview (MSDN)
Real-time animation technique for flexible and thin objects (Young-Min Kang et al)
Real-time cartoon rendering of smoke (Morgan McGuire et al)
Real-time character animation techniques (Thanh Giang et al)
Rotoscope (Marcel Jean)
Sevenoaks art. Fish motion
Simulating cartoon style animation (Stephen Chenney et al)
Skeletal animation for the exploration of graphs (Damian Merrick y Tim Dwyer)
So you wanna work in movies? (Oliver Stapleton)
The cartoon animation filter (Jue Wang et al)
The pinscreen in the era of the digital image (Pedro Faria Lopes)
Three - Layering in machinima (Interview with Ken Thain)
Tricks of the Java Programming Gurus (Glenn L. Venderburg et al)
Tutorial "Cartoon eyes" (Christoph Schinko)
Video based animation techniques for human motion (Chris Bregler)
Video based human animation technique (Xiaoming Liu et al)

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